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24 Oct 2018
Buffalo Racing Festival
Bang Pla Soi Mueang Chon Buri Chon Buri
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Buffalo Racing Festival is one of the unique annual festivals of Chon Buri Province. The Buffalo Racing Festival will mostly be in the Chon Buri Municipality area and Ban Bueng District. The festival will be held 1 day before The End of Buddhist Lent Day or the 14th day of the waxing moon of the 11th lunar month. The festival is the one and only in Thailand which has been held for a long time and famous among both Thai and foreign tourists. In the old days, after the buffaloes had been working hard for months, the villagers would let the buffaloes have a bath, get beautifully dressed up with silk fabric and beads, have Khwan Ceremony to show gratitude to the buffaloes and take them to town. There will be the meeting of the farmers. In addition, there is the beauty pageant contest for their buffaloes. Their buffaloes will be invited to participate in a race to test their strength and agility. Consequently, it becomes the tradition that has long been inherited until present. It is believed that the year with no Buffalo Racing Festival would cause a greater number of buffaloes to catch the epidemics and die more than usual.
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