Wat Khao Khun Phanom (King Taksin the Great)

Data Source : Wat Khao Khun Phanom (King Taksin the Great)
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Wat Khao Khun Phanom (King Taksin the Great)
It is an important historical and archaeological. There is a cave with brick walls and concrete in the parapet as well as a wall. In the cave there are about 30 bronze Buddha images and many caves penetrated to each other. However, it is believed among local people that It is the presence of KingTaksin while he was ordained.
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It is believed that Khun Phanom was the residence of King Taksin the Great after the end his reign. It is assumed that King Taksin was not executed as mentioned by the Annals, but swap him with his relatives. Then came to Nakhon Si Thammarat. Be prepared the fort was made of a ramp with a circular cliff along the ridge to allow King Taksin to be imprisoned when he was ordained at Wat Khao Khun Phanom until his death. Some people say that Khun Phanom was built by Phraya Trang , governor of Nakhon Si Thammarat for take a rest. So, at Khun Phanom has created the fortress to protects tightly. Important to the community Khun Phanom has a belief in King Taksin the Great went to Khun Phanom. So cooperate King Taksin the Great the rocky hillside. That is the area where believed that he stay here while he is a monk. The people who remember the heroism and the courage to regain independence to Thailand. So the people has joined together to create a picture of King Taksin both in the monk and warrior clothing. Then, in the pavilion, the people who have faith come to pay homage. So there are people from all over to Khao Khun Phanom to follow the path of King Taksin. Architectural characteristics of Khao Khun Phanom is a limestone mountain with a low density of trees. There are limestone caves. Cave with stalagmites the nature of the mountain lies in the north-south. Approximately 750 meters wide, along the east-west direction, is about 500 meters above sea level, about 43 meters high. The average sea level is about 165 meters. The north is the hill. The West is a mangosteen and rubber plantation. Western School and Wat Khun Phanom is featured at Wat Khao Khun Phanom, located in the southeast of Khun Phanom. But evidence of ancient sites and antiques can indicate that. Wat Khao Khun Phanom will be built in since the Ayutthaya era.
- There are importance about archaeological and historical due to the cave wall with brick walls similar to ancient wall. - The walls of the front temple are stucco designs adorned with Chinese porcelain. - In the cave area there are 30 Buddha statues and bronze Buddha statue.
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Ban Ko Phrom Khiri Nakhon Si Thammarat 80320
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