Saiyok Yai Waterfall (Saiyok National Park)

Data Source : Saiyok Yai Waterfall (Saiyok National Park)
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Saiyok Yai Waterfall (Saiyok National Park)
Saiyok Yai Waterfall (Sai Yok Yai Waterfall) is a tourist attraction with many Thai and foreign visitors each year because they can travel by land and by boat. Some visit this waterfall Saiyok for rafting as well.
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"Sai Yok Yai Waterfall, formerly called "Khao Joan Waterfall”, is located in Sai Yok National Park. It was declared a national park on October 27, 1980, covering an area of 598,750 rais. It consists mainly of mixed deciduous forest and dry evergreen forest. In 1877, King Rama V visited the waterfall and swam in the water. That inspired Phraya Phraya Narisaranuwattiwong, a follower of the King to compose the song “Khamen Saiyok” describing clear water with the fish swimming, the sound of the streams, wild birds and peacocks which became famous for the beauty of Saiyok Waterfall. Saiyok Yai Waterfall is different from as the front of the waterfall is on Khwae River. That is, the stream flows down from the cliffs, nearly ten meters high, from the upper part covered with small trees down to the Kwae Noi River. This is the origin of the word “Khao Joan Waterfall”. It is also a popular tourist destination for many Thai and foreign tourists, with plenty of streams throughout the year and plenty of water during a rainy season. Therefore, to visit the waterfall during a rainy season, you should be extra careful. The perfect viewpoint is Saiyo Bridge. If you want to see the waterfall closely, ou have to take a boat or raft along Kwae Noi River. Tourists can play in the water while must be careful. Kwae Noi River is cooler than other rivers and currents are not constant. Tourists with children, therefore, may need to be careful.
It is a strange waterfall than other waterfalls as the waterfall flows from the stream. Finally, it falls down the last stone into Kwae Noi River. The rafters can play in the waterfall as well.
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