Nang Loeng Market

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Nang Loeng Market
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The 120 years old Nang Loeng Market is the first land market in Thailand. This is the center of famous food and Thai traditional desserts which are filled with history, way of life, arts and cultures, and wisdom.
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Nang Loeng was established in the King Rama VI reign, and officially opened on 29 March 1900 by King Rama VI. It was called “Baan Sanam Kwai” and changed to “E Loeng”, one type of water jar that Mon people sailing to sell at Klong Phadung Krung Kasem and Klong Prem Prachakorn. Afterward, when Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram was the Prime Minister, he changed the name to “Nang Loeng” to be more polite. The remarkable places in Nang Loeng Market are Chalerm Thani Theater or Nang Loeng Theater, which is 90 years old theater. Prince of Chumphon Shrine that is situated in the market is the sacred place that people come to pay respect. Moreover, there are many surrounding historical sites and learning centers such as Wat Suthon Thammathan (Wat Khae Nang Loeng), the place where Mit Chaibancha’s relics are placed, Namg Loeng Art, the first photograph shops in Thailand where people went to take photo and ordered stone locket.
Nang Loeng Market is the center of famous traditional food and desserts such as ”Nantha Desserts” that sells the traditional desserts which the recipe is inheriting from the palace, and “Rung Rueng Noodle”, the Hok Kian egg noodle shop which the noodle and soup are very tasty. Moreover, rice and red pork from this shop was served to Queen Elizabeth II when she visited Thailand. Boon Lert shop which egg noodle with grilled pork was served to King Ram IX is also located here. Further, there are more food shops such as Nang Loeng Beef Noodle, Iew Yong Tao Foo Ratana Rice and Curry, traditional recipe rice and curry, and fish sausage.
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Pom Prap Sattruphai Bangkok 10100
Pom Prap Sattruphai Bangkok 10100
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