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Hellfire Pass - The Museum of Remembrance
Tha Sao Sai Yok Kanchanaburi 71150
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Hellfire pass Museum is located at the Agriculture and Cooperative Division Deve, Office Armed Force Deve, Sai Yok District, 80 meters far from Kanchanaburi city. Take the Highway 323 to Thong Pha Phum District. The entrance is on the left after 20 kilometers from Sai Yok Noi Waterfall.
The place to show the cruelty of Japanese soldiers during World War II. It is the railway that Japan would like to construct from Thailand to Myanmar by using Australian and allied prisoners. Numbers of them died from the hard work and disease, especially malaria fever.
Chong Khao Khad or “Hellfire Pass” was named because the prisoners who worked at nighttime. They lit up the laps and set the fire while working. When the flame reflected the shadow, it looked like the flame of hell. Hellfire Pass Museum was open on 25 April 1999 with the cooperation of Australian government to compile the information before setting up. The exhibition is divided into two zones: indoor exhibition and the outdoor zone in the back of the building.
The indoor zone is in the air-conditioning big building displaying the story through photos, slides, and videos about the torment from the war. The prisoners were forced to constructed the railway leading to the tropical rain forest which was risk of malaria fever. With the difficulty and the starvation during the war, numbers of prisoners died. Thus, this railway was known 'A life for every sleeper'. Besides, the tools and equipment using in the construction, dress of prisoners, and other construction tools are displayed which shows that there were no construction technology, only hammer, shovel, chisel, drill, hoe, and hod. The description of how the prisoners were punished and the the simulation of their living is also displayed; the model of weak and skinny prisoner carrying the sleeper while wearing the piece of cloth as an under ware. Their food was a small rice with pickled vegetable and dried fish. The letter they sent to their family was only the form they could state that they were still alive.
The second zone is at the back of the museum where there is the walkway to the pass where the prisoners constructed the railway. There are two routes: the route leading to the pass where it is the railway, taking 1.5-2 hours on foot, and another route leads to the top to view the pass from the top, taking 3-4 hours on foot.
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