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Pong Kham Wan Yai Mukdahan 49150
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Kaeng Kabao is a spectacular tourist attraction located in Ban Na Kae Noi, Pong Kham Sub-district, Wan Yai District, Mukdahan Province, which is 35 kilometers from the city center of Mukdahan. It borders with That Phanom District in Nakhon Phanom Province, which is 24 kilometers from each other, and is opposite to Ban Kaeng Kabao in Laos’ Chaiyaburi city, with the Ganges River as a borderline.
Kaeng Kabao is a long rock islet along the Ganges River. There is a large rock terrace on the river bank for the tourists to relax. During dry season, the water level reduces, revealing the islet in the river, and the seashore appears more beautiful than in other seasons. At the bank of Kaeng Kabao, there are some restaurants. The well-known local dish here is suckling-pig, which is as tasty as the traditional recipe.
The prominent thing of Kaeng Kabao is the rock islet and a lot of rocks which separate the Ganges River. The flow of the river hits the islet, eroding it and turning it into beautiful shapes. Some are like deep hole; whereas, some are like underwater cave. During dry season, the water level reduces, revealing the islet in the river, and the seashore appears more beautiful than in other seasons. This season is when a number of tourists usually visit and relax, to spend their time doing family activities or even just to swim. Kaeng Kabao provides a lot of facilities, including accommodation and restaurant. There is also rubber ring service all the time for those who want to swim. During daytime, the weather is really hot, since there are no big trees on the islet to provide shades. As a consequence, the tourists have to bring their own umbrella or hat. In the past, Kaeng Kabao was quiet because there were few restaurants and almost none of the tourists, except for in high season which was absolutely during New Year’s Day and Songkran Festival. Particularly during Songkran Festival, there were a great number of tourists in Kaeng Krabao because it was the only time when the tourists could swim in the Ganges River without concerning about torrents and deep water. However, Kaeng Kabao is a very busy tourist attraction these days.
In the atmosphere on two sides of the Ganges River bank, which is a large rock terrace, the tourists will see a long rock islet lying from Thailand to Laos, when the water level reduces. The tourists are almost able to cross the river by walking on the islet. This place, Kaeng Kabao, is where people in the vicinity and travelers like to stay for relaxation. It is approximately 43 kilometers from the city center of Mukdahan and is 24 kilometers from That Phanom District. If the tourists want to find some accommodation along this route, Kaeng Kabao can be the appropriate destination, since there are many restaurants and spectacular scenery, which is a perfect place to park the cars, have dinner, or relax.
The huge rapids on the Mekong River with a large rock terrace on the bank is a favourite picnic spot for locals. In the dry season, water descents and allows islands and beaches to show off their beauty. To get there, take Highway 212 (Mukdahan – That Phanom) for 20 kms. turn right to Amphoe Wan Yai for 9 kms. and the road leading to Kaeng
Kabao will be found. It is 8 kms. From Wan Yai District Office.
Kaeng Krabao is a small island that parallels the Mekong River. A wide rock plateau serves as a beach where locals spend their time relaxing. During the dry season, islands and beaches emerge from the Mekong River, creating a marvelous scenic beauty.Getting there: Kaeng Krabao is situated 29 kilometers from Mukdahan, taking Highway no. 212 from Mukdahan for 20 km and turning into Wan Yai and proceeding for another 9 kilometers north of the district office.
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