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Wat Klang Khu Wiang Floating Market
Sampathuan Nakhon Chai Si Nakhon Pathom 73120
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Jesada Technik Museum is established because Khun Jesada Detsakulrit is very fond of any types of automobile since he was young. When he travels abroad, especially to European countries, he always visits the automobile museum. One day, he came up with the idea to have the same museum in Thailand. Thus, he started collecting the ancient automobiles since the past 20 years. At first, he got most of the cars from foreign countries.
Messerschmitt KR200, the German micro-car that he won the bid in Switzerland in 1999, is the first car from foreign country. After that, he collected more and more cars from other countries. When the numbers increased, he decided to established the museum in 2006.
His intention is to establish the museum for public benefits without profit in order to conserve the heritage and history of vehicles and machines worldwide. People can study, learn, practice skills and experience, and inspire students, government and private sector, and the public.
Jesada Technik Museum exhibits all types of vehicles without the entrance fee. Moreover, he organizes some activities outside the museum constantly such as the activities to honor Thai monarchy, public interest activities, social work, and to promote tourism of the country.
The famous product of Wat Klang Khu Wiang is decoction; the recipe has been inherited for a long time. It can treat fever during menstruation period, malaria, fever, malnutrition, morning sick, and lymph disorder. Moreover, it helps to nourish blood, enrich body elements, breast milk, and drive amniotic fluid. The medicine is very well-known to people and they have a faith in it. Thus, Phra Kru Sangkharuk (Shern Kosalo) built Sophon Sathukarn monk’s house to show his gratitude to Luang Pho Chuen Khemmajari who taught him knowledge about this medicine. Besides, the temple distributes the recipe to the public.
 The 100 Luk Nimit attracts tourist to come making merit at the temple. The temple builds these Luk Nimit to give to the temples that need it. One set consists of nine Luk Nimit which one of those is bigger than others.
 Bia Kae Yuk is the famous amulet of Nakhon Chai Sri and Nakhon Pathom. Many instructors from many temples create Bia Kae for people to use as amulet. Wat Klang Khu Wiang builds the huge Bia Kae so people can put golden leaf on and learn about Bia Kae.
 Huge medicine pot is made to show how Wat Klang Khu Wiang is very famous for herbal medicine, decoction. This huge pot is situated near Wat Klang Khu Wiang Floating Market
This is the floating market where the gardeners sell agricultural products and tourists can take a tour in the orchard and taste some fresh fruits.
Opening hours
: 08:00 - 17:00
: 08:00 - 17:00
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Group of tourist
• Family
• Elders
• Working Persons
• Students / Youths / Teenagers
• Women
• Couples
• Bike
• Motorcycles
• Walk
• Bus
• Car
• Boat/Ship/Ferry
Entrance fees
• Entrance fees: Non-fee
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Contact us
Sampathuan Nakhon Chai Si Nakhon Pathom 73120
Telephone No.
034 299 036 , 08 1829 8035


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