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Satun National Museum, Kuden Mansion
Phiman Mueang Satun Satun 91000
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Satun National Museum, Kuden Mansion: From the first intention of building it as the place for Phra Bat Somdet Phra Chunlachomklao Chao Yuhua, King Rama 5, in the European architecture of colonial style into the museum that gathers all beautiful history of Satun province in all aspects whether it is the art and culture, tradition, and lifestyle. It is the first step of tourists when travelling to Satun. It shoud not be missed. The two-storey masonry building in the foreigner’s style was built in the year 1898 and completed in the year 1916 by Phraya Phumminatphakdi or Tuan Ku Baharut Din Bin Tamma Ngong (Kuden Bin Kume), the Satun Governer.
Satun National Museum, Kuden Mansion: The building looks gentle from the external appearance with an outstanding hip roof in the Thai style of earthenware thatching in the form of the banana sheath. The window is very detailed with the tiny pieces of wood in the horizontal scale. The front and upper air tunnel is decorated which starts in the style of Islam. The inside exhibits the history of Mueang Satun and the lifestyle of Satun people, such as the life of fishermen in Lipe Island, pot molding, the room of Satun Governer, the culture room of Thai-Muslim, as well as providing the knowledge about the art and culture, tradition, and lifestyle of the local people. It is divided into rooms as follow:
Room 1: Information Room is the room for reading, searching, and providing the service to the community.
Room 2: The Background of Satun Room exhibits the background of Satun in various aspects, such as geography, geology, the history, the important incidents in the past of Mueang Satun, the lifestyle of Sakai minorities, and the story of Kho Tarutao by exhibiting the artifacts that were found from the archaeological site in Satun province, the sample of mineral resources of the province, and the simulation of the important incidents.
Room 3: The Lifestyle of Satun People exhibits the lifestyle of Satun people in various aspects, such as the life of fishermen at Lipe Island, the ancient pot molding-burning at Ban Yan Su, and the life of fishermen at Ban Tammalang by exhibiting with media as well as the lifestyle’s simulation by pictures.
Room 4: The Governor’s Room exhibits the autobiography of Phraya Phumminatphakdi, the Satun Governer and the Constructor of Kuden Mansion, exhibiting the furniture in the appliances that Phraya Phumminatphakdi had used and arranging into corners, such as bedroom, relaxation, and working, etc.
Room 5: Satun People Ruean Chan Room exhibits in the form of the house model of Satun people by presening the lifestyle of the villagers in various aspects, such as kitchen, bedroom and multipurpose room, etc.
Room 6: The Contemporary Living Room in Kuden Mansion exhibits the contemporary living room furniture in Kuden Mansion by rebuilding in the same style.
Room 7: Thai-Muslim Cultural Room in Satun exhibits the model cupboard and the play of Thai-Muslim people. The model cupboard represents the picture Po No School and the exhibition corner of Muslim prayer room, the circumcision ritual, and the model of Nika ceremony (Wedding).
Satun National Museum, Kuden Mansion was built by Phraya Phumminatphakdi or Tuan Ku Baharut Din Bin Tamma Ngong, the Governor, in the period of Phra Bat Somdet Phra Chunlachomklao Chao Yuhua. It is the European architecture in the colonial style. It was built as the place for King Rama 5 when He had visited the southern region. However, He did not stay overnight. Then, it was used as an important place, such as resort and Satun Metropolitan Administration. It is also used as the Japanese Military Headquarters, Satun City Hall, Mueang Satun District Office, school, and also Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC). With the significance in terms of history and the outstanding and beautiful architecture style, the Fine Arts Department had registered Kuden Mansion as the national historic site and renovated the buildings to use as the National Museum of the city to collect the information and exhibit the history of the town as well as the traditiona and the lifestyle of Satun people.
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