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Nam Bo Noi Community
Na Sai Li Lamphun 51110
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The ancient community of pagan people who follow the teachings of Kruba Chaiyawongsa. Former Abbot Wat Phra Bat Huai Tom is simple and simplicity. The villagers living in this community are not attached to comfort. The entrance to the village is also a land road without electricity, no tap water. But using water based natural sources. The ancient Karen house, no nail, roof, grass or banana leaves, weaving, weaving. Within the community there is also a holy pond. The depth of only one elbow is watered out throughout the year.
Nam Bo Noi community located in the 21st House Sri Vieng Chai. It is one of the 10 the community around Wat Phra Bat Hua Tomi. The village has a population of about 54 households. In 1998, the villagers declared their intention to preserve a simple lifestyle. The traditional pagan hill tribe. To practice And avoid chaos The house will be built with bamboo ties. The roof is covered with grass or bamboo leaves, and the lid is made from bamboo wood. It is used to tie the nail to a home without using a single nail. Around the community will plant bamboo to shade. And to create a wicker career. In addition, villagers also refuse to use electricity. Use candles to light up at night only. Water is used as a well-watered pond in the community about 7-8 ponds.

The villagers have a corn farming career and a general contractor. Women / girls in the community will woven loom, embroidered with natural dye. Fabric dyed fabric will be grown in areas near the house such as turmeric, turmeric etc. There are also bamboo weaving, knife and coconut shell necklace. The local wisdom. The inheritance of the ancestral community. Consume vegetarian food Usually grow vegetables for consumption. The remaining is sold as revenue.

In the middle of the village there will be a holy pond. Very small, about 1 cubic centimeters naturally occurring. The area around the pond and bottom of the pond will be laterite. But there is a strange in the pond will be clear water permeate throughout the year. Never dry You can only have one glass at a time. It is believed to be holy water. Can drink To treat ailments and cure. Luang Pu Kruba Chaiya Wongsa Pattana Former Abbot Wat Phra Bat Huai Pha The monument was built at the sacred pond. For the villagers to pay homage. It is a place to practice meditation as well.
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