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Wat Tanod Floating Market
Bang Krang Mueang Nonthaburi Nonthaburi
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At Wat Tanod Floating Market, tourists can take a boat along Klong Om to make merit in the middle of the canal. This is the Pracharat project since it is adjacent to Klong Om Non where the traditional way of life and cultural tourist sites are conserved. The market promotes cultural tourism in the community by the community members and revitalizes the place to become the place to distribute agricultural products from the garden.
The area of the market is adjacent to Klong Om Non where the riverside lifestyle is preserved.
Wat Tanod is one of the ancient temples which previously known “Wat Tanod Lai”. It has been told that before Phra Kru Chinowatpitak (Shane) or Phra Shane Suwattano coming to develop this area, the important evidence remained here was a pagoda with 3-meter high basement that was located to the southwest of Wat Tanod. People called Khok Chedi; it was built with backed clay bricks and lime. He used these bricks as the pillars of the building because the cement was very rare at that time. Currently, the land belongs to Wat Tanod. Apart from the ruin pagoda, there was a chapel with a principal Buddha image and the surrounding Buddha images that are on the right and the left were made from backed clay. It was the clay pillar which was 60-centimeter wide and 7-meter high with the double-layer roof. From the record, some said that it was constructed when Ayutthaya was a capital city. Some said that there were monks stayed there while some confirmed that it was the abandon temple. People believed that Phra Kling or “Thit Kling” stayed there and left the temple. Then, Luang Pho Chan stayed there until he died. After that, Luang Phor Thap lived in the temple for a while and left. The latest people who stayed there were Phra Pho Kae Kerd and Si Thep novice, and they finally disappeared. The temple was abandon ever since.
In 1921, Rector Shane Suwattano, the deputy abbot of Wat Tha Madue, regarded that Wat Tanod, which was located in the public area Moo 7, Na Pa Kho Sub-district, Pak Phayun District, Patthalung Province, should be developed and reconstructed.
Then, he moved out of Wat Tha Madue to Wat Tanod and became the first abbot. He asked people to clear the grove wood and kept the huge trees such as mango trees, jambolan plum trees, and plum tree which died in 1971. At the same time, he built the temporary monk’s house with three bedrooms. Formerly, this temple was under Maha Nikaya temple association. When he arrived, he switched to be under Thammayut Nikaya. The temple occupies 7 rai, one-Ngarn, and 50 square wa.
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