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Wat Cham Thawi
Nai Mueang Mueang Lamphun Lamphun 51000
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Wat Cham Thawi or Jamdevi Temple, commonly referred to a Wat Ku Kut, is located on the Lamphun-San Pa Tong Road and built in 1298 B.E. in the Lawo (Lopburi) style. The Chedi is a square structure similar to Buddhagaya in India. Around the Chedi are levels of arches holding a total of 60 Buddha statues. Ashes of the queen are enshrined within the Chedi. The largest of the two is a very unusual square ‘stepped pyramid’ shaped pagoda. It is the oldest surviving example of this type, from the Dvaravati period which ruled much of what is now Thailand from the sixth to eleventh centuries.The chedi was built by King Athitayarat of the Haripunchai Kingdom to commemorate his victory over the Khmer halfway the 12th century. The current structure is from 1218, when it was rebuilt by King Saphsit after an earthquake damaged the original. The octagonal base - Ratana Chedi This is another famous chedi, a pavilion style chedi with a double tiered octagonal base, Ratana Chedi. It's said that from the architecture, it could have been built around the 17th to 18th century B.E.(around 11th to 12th century A.D.) founded by Pha-Ya Sapphasit during the golden age of Hariphunchai kingdom. Situated just next to the main hall, diameter of the octagon base is 4.40 meters and the height of the chedi is 11.50 meters. The Buddha images in the first tier niches are in a standing position. The second tier, houses Buddha images in meditation in Hariphunchai style influenced by Dvaravati art of central Thailand. (Dvaravati is said the first Mon kingdom flourished from the 6th to the 11th century)
Ancient Pagoda
The ancient Wat Chamthewi, known by locals as Wat Ku Kut, was built in the Lawo or Lopburi style in 755 CE. Its Chedi or stupa has its own distinct style, taken from India’s Buddhagaya, and within it lies the ashes of a queen. According to folklore, her ashes, gilded with gold, mysteriously disappeared after being enshrined. Sixty Buddha statues are seated on layered arches surrounding the Chedi. Another Chedi, situated to the temple’s right hand side, was built in approximately the 9th century CE. It is decorated with a distinctive hexagonal base and stands an impressive 12 meters tall.
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