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Phra That Nang Phen
Phen Phen Udon Thani 41000
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Phra That Nang Phen, located at Wat Koh Kaew, Moo 15, Ban Sri Sawangwong, Phen Subdistrict, Phen District, Udon Thani, is a pagoda with the story of Phen, a beautiful daughter of a governor, committing suicide by jumping into the pond in order to end the battle of the governors fighting over her. Thus, the villagers built the pagoda over the pond to commemorate her goodness and called it "Phra That Nang Phen" which is located about 37 kilometers from Udon Thani.
Praying to ask for children
Thee myth of Princess Phen
The sacred relics
In Nong Phet Pho Wiang, King Vorapitta, the ruler of the city, and his wife named “Chandra" reigning in righteousness had neither son nor daughter. In a full-moon night, Chandra gave birth to a daughter with a pretty face and called her “Phen”. When the Princess was 17 years old, her beautiful and charming appearance attracted a lot of men meanwhile the fame of Princess Phen was known so widely that some northern cities realized.

The ruler named Thao Kham Sing and his wife named Nang Khiew Khom had sons, but the most favorite was Ratchaburi, the talented son with perfect appearance. Thao Kham Sing appointed him as Thao Khatiyarat to rule the city. When Thao Khatiyarat heard about the beauty of Princess Phen, he set out the city to propose her. At the same time, in a city called Phu Nguyen in Nong Bua Lamphu, a 23-year-old Prince named Thao Chaiya Sena or Chiang Chaya Sena with a perfect appearance, ascending the throne of his father of the 23-year-old father, was also going to propose Phen as well. Lastly, in a city called Inthapattha Nakhon located east of Nong Han, Thao Suriyon and his wife named Suchada had a 21-year-old son named Chian Ngam setting out the city to propose Princess Phen. Unfortunately, three princes came to the city of Nong Phet Pho Wiang at the same time and all said that "If my proposal fails, I will fight over the Princess and will never surrender”. King Vorapitta and the Queen were in the dilemma because the war would occur regardless of what the decision is. The wife stated that “the prince that is more powerful than I am will become my son-in-law.” Princess Phen felt uneasy and dissatisfied in the way of the judgment of her mother as it caused the bloodshed anyway. Therefore, she sacrificed her life alone by asking her father to build the relics with a door and a hollow inside. When it was finished, Princess Phen stayed in the hollow of the relics with food for 7 days and 7 nights. If the three princes refused to return to their homeland, she would not come out. And with the eagerness of the three princes to see the face of Princess Phen, the three princes tried every way to get her out of the relics, but they failed. Princess Phen secretly came out to tell her father to permanently block the entrance with bricks. Since then, she never came out of that relic again. Before the Princess Phen’s death in the relics, she prayed “from now on, may all those who are outside and in the city of Nong Phet Pho Wiang see it as the city of depression like the feeling in my heart”. After that, the three princes return to their city; unfortunately, the three princes died during their journey.
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Phen Phen Udon Thani 41000


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